Strip-to-Wire Tape Light Connectors

IP20 Rated - 4-Pin - 20 AWG - For 10mm RGB Tape Light - 10 Pack
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With these strip-to-wire connectors, you can connect a cut-end of RGB tape light directly to an LED RGB controller. Connectors feature 4 grooves that provide insulation-piercing contact into your tape light strip on one side and 20 AWG wiring installed on the other side.

  • 10mm LED RGB tape light and controller sold separately (see accessories)
  • Transparent connector lid allows your first LED to still be visible
  • No need to solder, strip wire, or remove waterproof coating
  • Use with IP-65 rated, nano parylene coated RGB tape light
  • IP20 rated

NOTE: IP65 rating will not be maintained after connection.