Strip-to-Strip Tape Light Connectors

IP20 Rated - 4-Pin - For 10mm RGB Tape Light - 10 Pack
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Strip-to-strip connectors allow for hassle-free connection of two RGB LED tape light strips that have been cut at the proper cutting line without the need to solder or peel back the waterproof coating. Each hippo connector features 4 grooves that provide insulation-piercing contact once the connector is snapped on tight ensuring a sturdy, precise strip-to-strip connection.

  • IP20 rated connectors for use with IP65 rated nano parylene coated RGB tape lights
  • Light is visible through the transparent connector lid for gap-less illumination
  • Create desired tape light designs in seconds, no tools required
  • See accessories for comapatible RGB tape light

NOTE: IP65 rating will not be maintained after connection.