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LED Grow Light Fixture - Vegetative and Flowering

Full Spectrum - 660 Watt - 120-240 Volt - PLT Solutions - PLTS-12081
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Maximize photosynthesis, growth, and yield throughout the full life cycle of plants, from the vegetative to the flowering stage, with this full-spectrum PLT Solutions LED grow light. Designed for commercial indoor and greenhouse applications, this grow light provides optimum output and intensity with a PPF of 1716 μmol/s. 

  • Includes steel wire slings and rope hooks for mounting
  • Passive cooling thermal management system
  • Boost option increases power to 700 Watts
  • Can safely connect up to 3 fixtures
  • Excellent efficacy of 2.6 µmol/J
  • Comes with 120V plug adapter
  • 0-10V dimming