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G4 LED - 2.4W - 230 Lumens - 3000 Kelvin - 12 Volt

10W Halogen Equal - 3000 Kelvin - 200 Degree Beam Angle - 12 Volt AC/DC
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Match the light of a 10-Watt halogen bulb at a fraction of the energy cost with the 2.4-Watt PLT-11273 LED bulb. Compatible with AC/DC 12 voltage, this G4 bi-pin base bulb is suitable for a large range of applications from functional lighting in under-cabinet fixtures to accent lighting in decorative chandeliers.

  • Lightweight aluminum body puts less stress on sockets and aids in heat dissipation
  • Features a polycarbonate cover that protects 10 LED chips
  • Outlasts halogen bulbs with its 20,000 hour long lifespan
  • Light is evenly spread in a 200-degree beam angle
  • Not recommended for enclosed fixtures
  • Can be safely handled with bare hands